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How does the Power Pass works in Lost Ark?

Anyone who plays the beta of the new MMORPG Lost Ark quickly realizes that they can use a power pass on their characters. What it is and how it works, we explain to you here.

What is the Power Pass? The Power Pass in Lost Ark is a new feature that will only be used in the beta for the time being. In the finished game, however, the item should no longer be.

This Power Pass ensures that you also get the chance to experience the endgame of Lost Ark with several characters in the beta.

If you have completed the main story of the game with one character, you can activate the Power Pass to bring another character to level 50.

What does the Power Pass give you? If you activate it on one of your characters, the character jumps immediately to level 50 and receives equipment corresponding to its level. You can then jump straight into the endgame content with a newly created character. You can only use the pass once per account, so think twice about which character you want to use it for.

How does this work? You can only use the Power Pass after you have completed the main story with another character. That is why many people are initially very disappointed when they click on the thick glowing button.

In order to be able to use the Power Pass, you have to do the following:

  • Play a character so far that he has completed the quest Ealyn’s Gift
  • The main story of the game ends with this quest, so you can only use the pass afterwards
  • You will then receive a Vern Power Pass for your account
  • Now create a new character or choose an existing one
  • In the character selection you press the big button “Power-Pass”
  • Now you confirm the process and your character is level 50 and appropriately equipped

How long do you need to level 50? It is questionable, however, whether you can really take advantage of the Power Pass as a new player. Because if you stumble through the world inexperienced, it will take a while before you can complete the story.

However, experienced players have already proven that they can complete the main story of the game in about two days. So here the power pass is within reach.

These players in particular usually already know how the characters feel in the endgame. So it may be that the Power Pass does not come to the aid of the players who actually need it.

How do you see it? At what level have you got in the Lost Ark beta so far? What is your class and for which class do you want to use the Power Pass?

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