Horizon: Forbidden West: will it be released next year?

Horizon Forbidden West: will it be released next year?

Fans may have to wait longer for the release of Horizon: Forbidden West than previously thought. According to a well-known leaker and insider, Sony is currently thinking specifically about not releasing the action adventure until 2022. An official postponement could take place in September.

So far we have assumed that the action adventure Horizon: Forbidden West will be launched on time for this year’s Christmas business. But it looks like Sony is currently considering postponing the release to 2022. At least that’s what industry insider and leaker Jeff Grubb claims.

On the most recent episode of his show, GrubbSnax, he stated that Sony is seriously considering such a postponement. A corresponding announcement could already be made in September for a new edition of “State of Play”, although this has not yet been confirmed.

“I heard, not entirely sure, but I heard that something is planned for September … I’m trying to think about whether I want to be the first to say that … I think ‘this game’ will be postponed to 2022. (…) I don’t know for sure, it tends to Horizon: Forbidden West coming out in 2022. ”

According to his further statements, Sony will announce the postponement in the September edition of “State of Play”, but at the same time present enough other games that will definitely appear in the course of this year – as a kind of appeasement for the fans.

The first signs of a possible release postponement of Horizon: By the way, Forbidden West was already there last month. At that time, Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, explained that although there are many indications of a release in the Christmas season 2021, this is by no means 100 percent certain. It is possible that Sony has now decided to postpone the release to 2022.

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