Hidden peak of Aldur’s well in its latest community update.

So, the Shroud of the Avatar Team provided a hidden peak of The Aldur well in their latest community update.

In short, the well of Aldur is a new adventure scene for owners of access to episode 2. The episode will include many meoropriyaty that challenge even the most persistent of avatars. However, this episode is still in the very early stages of design. The developers provided only an image, as a small hint about how the overall design might look.

The team also made a gift for us and provided a piece of knowledge.
High above the mountain peaks of Mistrindur float the ruins of a civilization whose origins are lost in time. Only the greatest adventurers can unravel the mysteries, survive the threats, and discover the true nature of the well of Aldur.”

And as it became known, the jump puzzles will be turned off in addition to various other tasks. Be sure to stay tuned, as the team also embodies Aldur. The rest of the community update was about live q & a, new additions to the store, September sign-in rewards, and more.

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