Hidden Folks is getting new levels

The game price is going up, too

Developer Adriaan de Jongh announced Tuesday the game, Hidden Falks, will get six new levels. The date of its release is 4th of June. The new update, called “On Tour”, will add six music-themed areas to the game. “There are more than 70 things to find, new mouth sounds, and plenty of new clues with mildly amusing or straight up bad jokes,” de Jongh wrote in a post.

Hidden Folks was released in 2017 for iOS, Android, and PC. In 2018, it came to the Nintendo Switch. Users of Nintendo Switch will have to wait a bit longer though.

The team’s been releasing new content on occasion. Including new mouth sounds and a beach-themed pack. This month, all the DLC content except mouth sounds will be rolled into the base game. Players won’t have to buy any additional content. Unfortunately, the game price will be increased slightly to adjust for that.

(Wonder what’s up with the mouth sounds? For those who haven’t played, Hidden Folks is voiced entirely by humans. Instead, they’re making sounds, like a zzzzziiiip when a tent is opened or making the different beep noises of a car.

“Today or tomorrow, depending on when Valve accepts our price change request, the game’s pricing will on average (because currencies are weird) increase by 50-60%,” de Jongh wrote.

On June 4, all players that have bought the game — whether at the original price or newly increased price — will receive the On Tour content.

Some screenshots we got to see of the new music-themed areas show the same sort of charming art style from the base game. There’s a recording studio, a disco floor, large concert venues, and festival vibes. We all can’t wait to hear those new mouth sounds.

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