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Hell let Loose will soon be available on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Hell let Loose has been playable for PC with Steam for some time. In the meantime the closed beta for the PlayStation 5 is running and in a new video the developers reveal the release for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.

What kind of a shooter is that? Hell let Loose is a shooter in which you play a soldier in WWII. The battles include up to 100 players (50 per side) with historical weapons and realistic conditions.

Ballistics and recoil should feel as authentic as possible and on 9 maps you fight on different fronts from history – for example in Omaha Beach or on the Eastern Front.

In two different modes you play one of 14 classes, including engineers, snipers, commanders and tank crew. You fulfill important roles such as reconnaissance or infantry.

When is Hell let Loose coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X? So far, Hell let Loose was only available on the PC. However, the developers have announced that a version for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S will be released on October 5, 2021.

Success on Steam, problems in PS5 beta

This is how Hell let Loose arrives: Since its release in July 2021, Hell let Loose has been delighting players on Steam. With over 31,000 reviews, the players rate the shooter as “very positive” (85% via Steam).

The player numbers are also impressive: in August, there were still over 4,800 players on average, and at the top even over 11,700 (via steamcharts). Since the release, the mass has decreased a little, but remains relatively stable.

How is the beta going? Hell let Loose’s closed PS5 beta started in early September. There are some problems here, however. High pings and disconnections seem to make the shooter difficult to play for some.

However, the developers are working on a solution and are confident that they will soon have good news. They even joke that they accidentally woke up “Big Hans” while digging for a solution.

The beta was extended because of the problems, it should actually end on September 6th. However, if you prefer to wait until all problems have been resolved, you have to be patient until October 5th.

Hell let Loose apparently takes a popular, if niche, approach. However, fans of realistic World War II shooters should definitely play it.

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