Heavy Metal Machines: eight reasons why to play this MOBA

Heavy Metal Machines: eight reasons why to play this MOBA

Heavy Metal Machines

The Heavy Metal Machines team can give you at least 10 reasons why you should play this amusing and awesome looking MOBA. First of all, “It’s Unique” and “It Rocks”, but more convincing ones you can find below:

  • It’s narrated so epic! – Heavy Metal Machines and Larry Huffman, famous across the gaming world as the fabulous storyteller of Rock ’n Roll Racing, and also he’s an internationally famed narrator of real life racing and sports events.
  • It is mad! – Action is very high-packed with action like Destiny 2 or Division 2 games. The game includes 15 available characters, everyone with unique background, with a 16th on the way on the next Season: Bellic Storm. A crazy girl in search of revenge, a fanatic bishop, a pirate leader from the wasteland, a mad scientist or an insane killer clown – you choose!
  • It’s post-apocalyptic! – Pay a visit to the world born from the ashes for the glory of the Metal God in three hellish arenas: Temple of Sacrifice, Metal God Arena, and the Cursed Necropolis.
  • It’s even pretty friendly – Friendship can exist even in the post-apocalyptic world, as Heavy Metal Machines can boast a amiable community that welcomes new ones with all heart. The developers also like to be close to the fans and, for sure, will listen to feedback from them.
  • It’s rivalry! – Friendship is a good thing, but if you get bored you can try to explode your friends with a rocket launcher as an alternative activity. The game has a strong eSports scene with championships, such as the Metal League, an open seasonal championship with a € 5.000 total cash pool.
  • It’s international! – Heavy Metal Machines is a widely famous game, playable in 73 countries and in 6 different languages, there are, of course, local customer support, local players and events.
  • It’s free to play! – You can start your vehicle and drive or race into the wasteland, not spending a cent. Amazing cosmetic items, effects and the Metal Pass progression system are also available for players, which are interested in more bonuses and gifts.
  • It’s ALIVE! – The ruined universe of Heavy Metal Machines is ever in changes, with variety of seasons that have brought a frozen wasteland (Road to Malmheim), summoned lovecraftian horrors from the deep (Into the Abyss) and even let religious bigotry spread (Sect of Metal). The new Season, Bellic Storm, is already on its way.

If you developed the interest, proceed to playing and have your fun!

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