Heartstone starts today.

Is everyone ready for the ball?If not, there will be a masquerade ball at Heartstone tonight. Here’s what we have in store.

What will the event include?The event will include several small events. In addition to all this, the tavern will receive a transformation to reflect this event. New content will be released weekly, like a fight in the taverns. Dual class arena and a new Hearthstone Book of Heroes solo experience.

Today,or September 29, you will be able to recruit elementals on the battlefields.Along with this change, the update will be able to provide us with 4 heroes, a new progression system, reset ratings, and 16 minions.

Also, the double class is also required to return today. You can get one free ticket to the arena, and with the help of a masquerade ball, you can choose a hero, before choosing the strength of a hero from a completely different class. These cards will be selected from both classes, plus neutral cards.

A few events that may happen.

  • Rise of the Zombeasts (September 29) – create an undead army filled with Zombists as the death hunter Rexar and his discounted hero power. Let the hunt begin!
  • Masquerade ball (October 7) – all wearing costumes for the masquerade of the Academy of Salamanca! When a minion is played, it turns into one that costs (2) more. When this minion dies, the original minion is revealed and returns to battle!
  • Boss Battle Royale (October 14) – choose from 10 big bad bosses and fight! Classes are linked to their respective bosses, such as Cenarius for the Druid, Rotwing for the hunter, and Lich.’hial for a mage.
  • The Book of Heroes solo experience starts on October 13 and will be free for all players. Once you defeat all eight bosses, you will get one set of hunters..

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