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Hearthstone: Mercenary mode is live – get your new WoW mount now

<Hearthstone has a new mode and World of Warcraft players have a fancy mount.

It was announced for a long time, now the time has finally come. Hearthstone’s Mercenary Mode celebrated its launch on October 12, 2021. For now you have been able to let off steam in Hearthstone’s newest game mode. By the way, World of Warcraft players can also earn a nice mount. In this article we reveal what is necessary for this.

What is Mercenary Mode? Mercenary Mode is a brand new game mode in Hearthstone that has little to do with the rest. There is even a new menu item for this, which contains an entire village with different locations.

Basically, the mercenary mode relies on many “rogue-like” elements. You have to plan tactically, stock up on mercenaries with equipment and level them up in order to overcome the difficulties and unlock increasingly powerful skills.

However, the mercenary mode is also criticized. So there are already “Pay2Win” accusations for the PvP mode and Blizzard is accused of asking the players to pay twice. Because the mercenary mode uses a whole new set of packs of cards that have nothing to do with the rest of the game.

It is also criticized that the mercenary mode nibbles on the gold supply of the players. Because expanding the “village” costs a total of 900 gold coins, which you can then not invest in other content.

What’s up with the mount? Hearthstone and World of Warcraft currently have a pretty strong cross-promotion going on, each with bonuses and advantages in the other game. A WoW subscription currently brings you a lot of card packs.

However, the new mount for WoW players should be more interesting. The mouse “Sarge” can now be obtained in World of Warcraft. To get them, however, you have to play Hearthstone and complete the tutorial for the new “Mercenary Mode”. This shouldn’t take that long and can be done quickly, even as an inactive player.

Immediately afterwards you can log into World of Warcraft and receive Sarge, which from this point on will serve as a loyal mount for all your characters.

Visually, Sarge has many allusions to Hearthstone, after all, he carries a game board with him and also has various decorations that allude to Blizzard’s card game – such as blue crystals, which represent mana in Hearthstone.

Are you going to get Sarge from Hearthstone‘s mercenary mode? Or does this cross-promotion not work for you?

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