Hearthstone expansion and more news about the game updates


The next big addition for Hearthstone will reach us on April 9, but today be ready for Rise of Shadows which comes with the pre-patch that launched last week.

It seems like a useful update, and now “Hearthstone will help you create decks at its best. Some developments have been made to the smart deck builder represented in the last big update.”

But this is only a start!

Old School RuneScape is currently making its Treasure Trails expansion – it decided to holdup the launch since devs want to buff the game better. Also, the team is re-launching the Deadman Spring Finals because of the problems popped during the last event.

Elsword’s 2019 PvP League Season 1 ends on May 7th, so you still got the chance to prove your skill! There’s also a 2v2 invitational tournament continuing now.

And what’s happening with Heroes of the Storm? Blizzard hosted an AMA last Thursday to answer all the major questions about the MOBA.

Population Zero have some quests to offer, but be careful — you can get a mutation because of them.

World of Warships: Legends will get early access on consoles this April 16th, but you already can buy the pack. “In addition to thrilling, immersive battles with iconic warships and legendary commanders from maritime history, World of Warships: Legends will also feature content and features exclusive to the console experience,” the developers reported.

You can watch Cabal Online’s Force Wings update trailer about the main character progression system below:

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