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Hearthstone: Blizzard allows massive trolling via hotfix

A new hotfix caused chaos in Hearthstone’s mercenary mode. Blizzard has given the trolls a powerful weapon.

Hearthstone is built from the ground up so that trolling and insulting are virtually impossible. There are only a few emotes for communication and they are also blocked if you spam too many in a short time. But now Blizzard wanted to fix a problem in mercenary mode and has opened the door to trolls.

Win trading was probably a problem: farming coins is important in mercenary mode. But because Blizzard doesn’t want the coins to be earned too easily, a change has already been made to the mysterious wanderer. The community then found another way to get coins easily – win-trading in the battle pit.

The battle pit is PvP mode in mercenary mode. Wins here give a solid number of coins, and there are few players at higher ranks. Agreements were made in order to gain victories quickly and thus to get coins.

Blizzard fixes win-trading, allows trolling: In order to put a stop to win-trading, the developers introduced a new rule. There are only coins left for victory if at least 3 mercenaries have been defeated on the other side.

This is to ensure that there are actual fights and that win-trading is prevented every second. Permission to troll was found: However, this rule not only restricted win-trading – it also made all forms of victory null and void. In the WoW forum and subreddit, players now report that PvP battles are generally given up as soon as 2 of their own mercenaries have been destroyed. This can effectively prevent the actual winner from receiving a reward at all.

Community is angry – once again, Hearthstone’s players are extremely angry about this change. In the subreddit someone posted a screenshot that clearly shows: It took exactly 11 minutes before the first players realized that if you give up early, you can easily steal your opponent’s victory. As soon as players realize after the death of their 2nd mercenary that they will probably not win, they simply give up – and thereby rob the winner of his prey.

In general, the mood at Hearthstone is massively tense right now, as Blizzard is bringing one change after another in the mercenary mode, which for many gradually removes the fun from the already controversial mode.

It can be assumed that Blizzard will revise this hotfix again.

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