According to Niantic, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite fan festival is expected this summer

harry potter wizards unite event

Niantic had already been mentioning plans to throw a big festival for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite players that is something similar to its Pokémon GO Fest events, but with less Pokémon and more virtual witchcraft and wizardry. Now it’s a bit more official. Niantic says it will be throwing a two day Wizards Unite festival in Indianapolis, Indiana this summer.

The Event Details

During the event, participating SOS operatives can explore the White River State Park to find magical activity spilling over into the Muggle world. You’ll be able to encounter fantastic beasts, find artifacts, and cast spells out in the wide open space of the park. As the first major event, Niantic hints that it will start to unravel the mystery of the Calamity that has smashed magic into Muggle spaces.

There are a bit more of what we know:

  • It’ll happen on Labor Day weekend, August 31st – September 1st.
  • Whereas the US version of Niantic’s Pokémon GO Fest series takes place in Chicago, Illinois, the Wizards Unite festival will take place one state over, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • Like GO Fest, you’ll need a ticket to participate — though no word yet on how much tickets will cost. The current plan is to open up ticket sales via a lottery. You can check the official event site for more details and watch for your chance to enter the lottery.

There really is no better way to experience real-world AR games, and you can expect something special for all you witches and wizards out there later this summer.

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