PC edition of Halo Infinite: some announced advantages

The advantages of Halo Infinite for PC

Microsoft got serious about the PC version of Halo Infinite and added new features to it. As developers say, they want to make users feel like this game was created for personal computers initially. That’s why you can try many different features some of which even aren’t available for consoles.

There’s a short list including some of them:

  • LAN play and the ability of creating local server. Other players can be invited to it and it works on PC and Xbox.
  • Cross-platform multiplayer. Matchmaking is based on a management method in ranked matches.
  • The viewing angle can be adjusted up to 120 degrees.
  • The computer mouse and the keyboard are supported.
  • Graphics quality settings to ultra-presets, individual settings for texture quality, depth of field and so on.
  • High refreshing frequency.
  • Ultra-wide monitors are supported.
  • Optional full screen borderless mode.
  • FPS and ping display.
  • Offside multiplayer invitations using Xbox Live, Discord and Steam.
  • Fixed and dynamic resolution scaling options.
  • Minimum and maximum frame rate settings.
  • The ability to assign one action to three keys or mouse buttons.

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