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Halo Infinite multiplayer launches on Steam and Xbox

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer starts surprisingly earlier than announced. All PC and Xbox players can play the multiplayer beta for free on Steam or Xbox.

Halo Infinite was announced for December 8th. This date is still valid for the campaign. Surprisingly, Microsoft and 343 Industries have preferred the release of the multiplayer – to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox and Halo.

The multiplayer beta is free-to-play and has been playable on Steam and Xbox since November 15th. On Steam, the user reviews are “mostly positive” on the first day after the release. Popular streamers have already shared their first impressions – and have different opinions.

We shed light on what kind of shooter fanatic Halo Infinite is especially exciting for. We also say how it stands out from the other current shooter hits, such as Battlefield 2042 or Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Halo Infinite recalls its old strengths – for better or for worse

How is Halo different from CoD or Battlefield? Since Bungie developed the Destiny games instead of Halo, development studio 343 Industries has been primarily responsible for the Halo franchise. The fans were seldom enthusiastic about the games in the new studio. 343 Industries has apparently taken this feedback to heart.

Halo Infinite relies on classic Halo action, especially in multiplayer, albeit with a few modern twists. This is very good for fans of this type of gameplay – but it can also seem out of date for those who didn’t grow up with it.

Halo Infinite is what is known as an arena shooter. This means that all players start with the same loadout and skills. Spread across the map, players will find stronger weapons and helpful utensils such as super shields. Intensive battles then take place, especially for the most powerful weapons such as rocket launchers or sniper rifles. Because: these ‘Power Weapons’ are very limited, rarely spawn and cause a lot of damage. Whoever controls these power-ups often wins the game too.

This means that Halo Infinite is currently only comparable with games like Splitgate. Fans of CoD Vanguard or Battlefield 2042 will not recognize much in the gameplay of Halo. This can provide the desired variety – or put it off.

Every duel in Halo is a little mind game

How fast does Halo Infinite play? The time-to-kill (or TTK) in Halo is very high. This means that players die very slowly. Even with many headshots, it takes almost an entire magazine of the assault rifle to kill a player.

This means that in a game like Halo, precision and good movement are important. Every firefight turns into a little mind game: you try to throw your opponent out of step in order to win. With sustained-fire weapons in particular, it is therefore important to maintain control over your aim and keep the crosshair on the opposing player for a long time. Whoever hits better and makes small movements to ensure that the opponent hits less, wins the duel.

The power weapons are the big exception here: shotguns, snipers and rocket launchers kill with 1-2 hits. That is why it is so important to get hold of these in front of the other team – or to snatch them from the opposing hands as quickly as possible.

Lone wolves lose to good teams

Is Halo Infinite better for solo players or teams? The high TTK also means that you can react better to lonely flankers – and that a good flanking maneuver does not automatically lead to a multikill. It’s difficult to tear something, especially against multiple opponents. That’s why it’s very important to play with your team in Halo Infinite.

The vehicles that appear on some maps and in some game modes of Halo Infinite will also get stronger with a coordinated team. But there are also vehicles, such as the Ghost and the Banshee, that only have space for one player – and can therefore cause a lot of damage.

However, because the opponents only die quickly if several people shoot them, packs are often formed automatically in matches. So you don’t even have to be active in voice chat to create a feeling of cohesion.

So Halo Infinite is a slightly different shooter that depends on different skills and tactics. Are you planning to play Halo Infinite anyway, or have you already played it? Do you like the gameplay? Are you happy with the decisions made by 343 Industries? Or would you rather play Destiny 2 or Outriders?

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