Halo Infinite has cheaters with aimbots and it's getting worse

Halo Infinite has cheaters with aimbots and it’s getting worse

In the Free2Play shooter Halo Infinite, according to reports from players and esports professionals, the first cheaters are already on the move. Among other things, aimbots are said to be at work to gain unfair advantages. Players are now concerned that things could get worse in the future.

What is the situation in Halo Infinite? In Halo Infinite‘s free multiplayer mode, players have discovered the first cheaters. This was the case with the pro-gamer CouRage, for example, who shared his displeasure on Twitter.

Other top players, including the pros Clayster and kiffdog, quickly emerged and also reported on annoying cheaters that had plagued them in their matches. Clayster summarized it this way: “Just met a cheater on the FIESTA playlist in Halo … on Thanksgiving … some people really need to get their lives under control.”

Halo Infinite is popular like never before, but so is cheaters

What does the chat look like? A player also shared an eagerly read post on reddit. In it he shows Aimbot cheaters in action. The user wonders whether things won’t get worse soon when the first Aimbot cheaters are running around a good week after the start.

What are the reactions of the players? The users in the comments are of course annoyed by the cheaters and wonder why someone bothered to cheat in a simple playlist without a ranking. And that it would be even worse if that happened later in ranked matches and cheaters unfairly reach high ranks.

Halo Infinite is free to play in multiplayer mode and is currently at the top of the Free2Play charts. It is therefore to be feared that even more cheaters will soon pour into the game.

In addition, some players complain that crossplay is to blame for everything. Because if console players stayed to themselves, the cheaters who primarily play on the PC would no longer bother them.

What are the developers doing? So far nothing has been adopted by the developers. However, Halo Infinite is not yet complete and the developers may well take further steps.

Various players are also calling for an anti-cheat solution with kernel drivers and hardware bans, as Valorant is already doing and Call of Duty: Warzone wants to do it soon.

In addition, players hope that the report function for suspected cheaters will be better. Because currently the report button is not easy to find and would then open an external browser window in which you then have to enter the cheater’s data manually. Many players would like some relief.

Have you played Halo Infinite before? If you don’t like this game, you can check out Outriders or Division 2.

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