Halo Infinite: 1st live event is directly under criticism

Halo Infinite: 1st live event is directly under criticism

The “Fracture: Tenrai” event is supposed to be the big start of Season 1 in Halo Infinite. As soon as the process became known, there was clear criticism from fans. The reason: You cannot unlock all the rewards in one go.

What kind of event is that? The Tenrai event offers various rewards that can be unlocked via a special playlist and event challenges.

There is a special progress tree with 30 levels for this. This event pass is free. The rewards include cosmetic items such as colors, weapon skins, and two special Spartan armor designed in the Japanese samurai style. There will be a total of 6 individual event weeks. This week you will have access to some of the event challenges. If you complete these, you will receive part of the event rewards.

These challenges revolve around the Modus Tenrai – Fiesta, which is only available in the respective event weeks. However, the fact that you only get some of the challenges and only some of the rewards causes some confusion among the players and does not go down well with some. We summarize for you exactly what is criticized.

Players are keen on rewards, want to unlock everything without restrictions

What is the reason for the anger? A debate has broken out on Twitter under the event announcement. However, some players also have the feeling that developer 343 would like to extend the content of the 1st season “Heroes of Reach”.

They believe that progress is limited in time so that players don’t have everything unlocked after a week or two. That is a “terrible way to hold an event”.

However, some players also oppose it and say: This is how it is in a Free2Play game with a Battle Pass concept. Many Halo veterans are just not used to it.

What does 343 say about the discussion? The developers have already responded to player feedback. The feedback will be listened to carefully and used to improve such events.

What are the rewards? The following cosmetics can be unlocked during the event:

  • Torii Reflection – Epic Backdrop
  • Gatekeeper – Legendary Shoulder Pads
  • Rare Samurai Nameplate & Emblems
  • Sol Devil – Legendary Weapon Coating (MA40 AR)
  • Whispered Sky – Epic Weapon Coating (Sidekick and BR75 Battle Rifle)
  • Spring Blossom Filter – Legendary Helmet Attachment
  • Swordsman’s Belt – Legendary Utility for Yoroi Armor Core

Emblems will be available for the first week and a new Armor Core will be available at level 5.

Halo Infinites Multiplayer is well received by gamers, but there has also been criticism

What was going on at Halo Infinite? The debate comes at a time when there is already criticism of the Halo Infinite progression system. While the game and its content are largely rated well by critics, this is not the case when unlocking armor and other optical items.

Many players find the system grind-heavy. Unlocking new things would take forever if you didn’t buy the Premium Battle Pass. Alleged prices for future shop items also sparked major discussions.

Here, too, the developers have already reacted and promised to accept adjustments and include the feedback from the fans. The Halo Infinite multiplayer has been playable as an F2P title since November 15th in the beta phase. The campaign will again appear as a full-price game on December 8th. If you don’t like Halo Infinite, you can check out games like Destiny 2 and Outriders.

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