H1Z1: Battle Royal season 3 gonna bring some interesting updates

Daybreak Games announced new features coming to H1Z1:Battle Royal on Feb. 21.

Season 3 will bring what devs called “game’s largest update”:

  • Ranked Leaderboards – season 3 introduces new ranking system. It’s gonna have 6 ranking “divisions” (Bronze to Master) and track a bunch of stats. Player ranking will reset at the end of the season.
  • Free-for-all Deathmatch – This new mode gonna put 50 players in tight combat zone. They will have instant respawn after death and rotating weapon arsenal. Goal is to score 25 kills before timer runs out.
  • Training Ground – new mode made for…..you guessed it: training. Really nothing to add here.
  • Season 3 Battle Pass will have biggest rewards featuring over 200 new cosmetics and 100 reward tiers. As usual Playstation Plus subscribers get additional exclusive rewards.


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