Gwent now has a 7.3 update.

Gwent now has a 7.3 update in conjunction with the cat season. This update brings with it a lot of balance changes for existing cards, for example, these card abilities were marked as unnecessary:
The Carapace,
The Smell Of Blood
An Irresistible Hunger
guerrilla tactics
gift of nature

But there were changes in the Northern kingdoms, for example, changes in monsters.:
The primary category of ruechin was replaced by an Insectoid one.
The position of ARD gaeth changed from 10 to 9.
The ghoul’s strength changed from 1 to 2.
Celeano Harpy’s Ability is changed to: Deploy: consume an allied unit, Bonded: spawn a Harpy egg in this row.

Cat season is here with a new seasonal mode. This will last until November 4 at 10A CEST. This new mode is called Switheroo.

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