Guild Wars 2’s War Eternal is out next week, closing the Living World Season 4

Guild Wars 2

The Living World Season 4 closing, War Eternal, goes live next week on May 14. The current story is about to end, but the update will bring all brand-new stuff, such as a map, the Mist Shard armor set,  a legendary greatsword Exordium and the Skyscale dragon mount.

“With the shocking death of a dear friend at the end of Episode 5, the Commander and allies are out of time and out of options. Yet a sliver of hope remains while they still breathe, and War Eternal takes players on a daring, odds-defying chase after the wounded and angry Elder Dragon, Kralkatorrik, the villain at the center of last episode’s heartbreaking conclusion.”

From May 9 through May 19 you can buy Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire at 50% off. By the way, the Path of Fire players can have War Eternal for free.

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