Guild Wars 2 rolls out a new massive update to attribute-selectable gear

guild wars 2

Guild Wars 2 will show a big progress to attribute-selectable gear with its next update. As developers said, they will focus on “reducing the confusion about which attribute combinations are available on any given piece of gear.” Another big gear-improving step for MMO that originally isn’t supposed to pay that much attention to mechanic, but anyhow it did again and has been doing this since the launch.

Attribute-Selectable Gear New Features

Once the next update is released players will find so many changes that it’s even confusing for newcomers now, at the announcement point. But according to Reddit, veterans already love those changes.

“Attributes on gear with the Assaulter’s prefix will now have either power or ferocity as a main attribute (although no attribute combination with ferocity as the primary attribute currently exists), or it will have two secondary attributes that support a power DPS playstyle. The Defender’s gear attribute selection likewise will have either toughness or vitality as a primary attribute, or both as secondary attributes. Healer’s gear will contain a choice with either healing power or concentration as a primary attribute, or both as secondary attributes. Malicious gear will have the requirement of condition damage or expertise as a main attribute, or both as secondary attributes. Celestial gear is being added to the Assaulter’s attribute selection, so it’s available on all four prefixes.”

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