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Guild Wars 2 prematurely ended the beta test after a few hours

The MMORPG Guild Wars 2 is planning profound changes to the matchmaking of the “World vs. World” system. They wanted to test the changes in a beta that started on Friday. The beta was supposed to run for a week, but the experiment was over very soon: the beta was canceled prematurely. The problems were too big.

That was the plan for the beta:

  • The beta should run from September 24th to October 1st.
  • The idea was to change the “World vs. World” of Guild Wars 2: A new matchmaking system was to be introduced to arrange players, guilds and even alliances in new teams.
  • With the changes, ArenaNet wanted to respond to the changed server population. The idea was to create fairer teams now; at least until October 1st, then the beta should end and be returned to the original state.

That went wrong: The beta didn’t last until October 1st, but ended the same day it began. ArenaNet stopped the experiment on Friday evening.

ArenaNet is said to have encountered a number of problems and therefore made the decision to go back to the old system.

Already after the start of the beta, ArenaNet had admitted via Twitter that “players were drawn into the wrong match-ups”.

Look at the problem. But shortly afterwards, the news came that the beta would be canceled and the system would be reset. Players are disappointed but understand.

So are the reactions: Players are largely disappointed with the change. There is a lot of ridicule on ArenaNet, after all, the change has been in the making for 4 years. You should test things internally before you bring them out, according to the official forum post.

But there are also some who defend ArenaNet: Here users say, that’s why something is called “Beta-TEST”, and you have to expect something to go wrong. They also think it’s good that ArenaNet would rather end the experiment quickly than let the weekend break over.

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