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Guild Wars 2 – Jormag Rising Releases

So, quite recently, ArenaNet released its list of patches, which well coincides with the release of Guild Wars 2: Jormag Rising. By the way, there are many elements added and changed. There will also be bug fixes, skill balance, and most importantly new promotions.

It was announced that an additional publication of “late notes” was also added, which confirms several changes, although they are not quite significant.

New release: Jormag Rising

  • The imposing ice wall that once blocked all attempts to enter the dominion territory at Drizzlewood Coast is disappearing. And the United Legions decided not to miss the chance to regain their advantage. But this ice melted for a reason. A terrifying force absorbs this terrible magic, drawing it North to the huge ice citadel, back to its owner — Jormag. Join the forces of the leaders of the United Legions, manage to infiltrate enemy territory and strike directly into the hideous heart of the dominion of Bangar.General
  • Skill United Legions Waystation Synchronization: bonus damage duration from Electromagical Pulse is reduced from 3 to 1 sec.
  • The Malnourished and Diminished effect icons are clearer and more convenient for colorblind players.
  • Changed the Bloodstone Bisque icon to avoid confusing it with others.

    Skills of professions

  • Rune of Altruism: transferring States from allies to yourself after using an elite skill now activates a 10sec rollback.
  • Retaliation: reduced base damage

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