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Guild Wars 2 is waiting for the continuation of the final episode of season 5.

Next week, Guild Wars 2 players will continue the final episode of Season 5 of Living History. The final events of the ice saga gradually reach the climax of the plot narrative, bringing more and more destruction to the lands of Tyria.

3 new response missions will be available in Caledon Forest, Bloodtide Coast, and Fireheart Rise, where the destruction wrought by the elder dragons Jormag and Primordus has left the countryside in trouble. The new story mission focuses on Braham, whose connection to the spirits of the wild will bring him one step closer to fulfilling his destiny.

The call of the allies continues and this time the elusive Tengu will join the battle, providing their unique weapons. After the release of the episode, three additional factions will be available, with a new one appearing every two weeks until April 20. The dragon slayer weapons in the fifth episode will reach the third level, giving their owners absolute power, and a new unique scepter will be tempting to shine for those who want more shiny trinkets for their arsenal.All 4 chapters of Episode 5 are available for free to anyone who has the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire add-on and who will enter the game after its release. The fourth chapter, “Judgment”, will be released at the end of April 2021.

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