Guild Wars 2 is changing some class’ elite specifications in the balance patch next week

Guild Wars 2

We hope that Guild Wars 2 fans are ready for a new balance patch. It’s coming next week along with the map tweaks, and ArenaNet spoke about changes in its blog. Especially this round is about elite specifications and the studio’s effort to create more “meaningful choice” when it comes to those classes with major trade-offs in swapping to those elites.

 “To use the example of necromancer, by choosing an elite specialization, you lose access to your core Death Shroud abilities, but you gain different abilities,” ArenaNet says. “This is a clear trade-off. In the case of elite specializations like druid, herald, chronomancer, berserker, or scrapper, this type of trade-off isn’t possible because the specialization adds a completely new ability. With this update, we’re targeting a few elite specializations to receive trade-offs, and we expect to continue doing this in future updates. As for general changes, we’ve made a few consistency updates to aura naming and introduced dark auras to the game. We also changed a number of abilities that would destroy missiles, making them block missiles instead.”

You need to take a look at your own class to truly figure out how it’s changing particularly for you. ArenaNet is calling the rebuilding “drastic” and tweaking berserk mode hard, add to that a calibration a truckton of skills. But looking over the Druid changes surely makes that specification a whole lot more attractive.

Anyway, go and check out yourself how you feel about all those changes.


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