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Guild Wars 2: Halloween Event 2021 is live

Guild Wars 2 started Halloween 2021. This is the most lucrative event of the year.

What kind of event is that? From October 5th to November 9th, Guild Wars 2 will host the Halloween event. The Mad King Thorn finds its way into the game and some interesting activities with him, including:

  • A special dungeon where you will face King Thorn
  • The Jumping Puzzle “Mad King’s Clock Tower”
  • The Crazy King’s racetrack, where you have been able to race with roll beetles since 2018
  • The PvP games “The Mad Inquisition” and “The Grim Reaper”
  • A new little jumping puzzle with the achievement “The Outlaw Prince”

In addition to the fun activities, there are also new rewards this year, including new weapons, new minis and decorations for the guild.

You can also re-enter the Mad King’s labyrinth. This is an area in which you can defeat opponents, carve pumpkins and, above all, farm a lot of gold.

Earn gold quickly at the Halloween event

How do you get the gold? To earn gold quickly and easily on Halloween, all you have to do is enter the Mad King’s labyrinth and look for a “Zerg group” there. The easiest way to find them is via the LFG tool.

Then you run through the various doors and events in the area with this group and try to meet as many opponents as possible so that you qualify for the loot.

In the labyrinth, the opponents mostly drop “trick-or-treating bags”. You sell these in turn at the trading post and earn gold.

How much gold is possible? Using this method, you can earn between 20 and 40 gold per hour, depending on the intensity. This is more than what you can earn through most of the regular gold farming methods.

There is a rare chance that these pockets will produce special rewards such as skins that can only be obtained through them. That is why the bags usually remain quite expensive throughout the entire event, but you still usually make the greatest profit in the first few days.

Tips for farming in the maze: So that you are as successful as possible when farming, we have written down some tips for this farming method.

First you should make sure that you meet as many opponents as possible:

  • Thief: Use the crank arch as your attacks jump from enemy to enemy
  • Elementalist: The staff is particularly effective for hitting many enemies
  • Engineer: Use the flamethrower
  • Warrior: With the great sword you hit several enemies at once
  • Mesmer: Here, too, the greatsword is ideal
  • Necromancer: As a plague bringer you have a lot of AoE skills, as a weapon you can use the staff
  • Guardian: As a rioter, you hit 5 targets in front of you with the tome. The staff has since been weakened but is still effective.
  • Ranger: You hit most opponents with ax and torch, the Jakaranda as an animal companion also has an AoE
  • Revenant: As a renegade with shortbow and Mallyx skills, you will hit many targets effectively.

Another trick is to reduce your equipment so that you do less damage. In Guild Wars 2, all you have to do is meet an enemy once to get loot. If everyone does less damage, more players will get the loot.

Also, refrain from opening the doors without a zerg. The more players there are, the more opponents appear at the event. Since you want to defeat as many enemies as possible, as many players as possible should be present.

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