Guardians of the Galaxy will have more dialogues than Deus Ex

Guardians of the Galaxy will have more dialogues than Deus Ex

The superhero game Guardians of the Galaxy is said to surpass even the Deus-Ex games in some ways.

Since the official announcement of the superhero game Guardians of the Galaxy, it has been clear that the focus will be solely on a single-player campaign that is as intense as possible – there will be no multiplayer mode. How important this point is to the development studio Eidos Montreal, a somewhat surprising comparison with the games of the RPG series Deus Ex makes clear.

Senior Gameplay Director Patrick Fortier recently drew this in an interview with Game Informer magazine. Accordingly, Guardians of the Galaxy should offer significantly more dialogues than a Deus-Ex game. If anyone knows for sure, it is Eidos Montreal. After all, the studio was also responsible for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

“I think we have twice as much dialogue in this game as in Deus Ex. They say a lot of stuff. Sometimes it’s funny: we test the game, put the controller aside because we’re taking some notes, and then they start with ‘ Yo, do you remember the time… ‘and’ Yeah, that was a fun night ‘. You get to hear anecdotes or how they met. The more time you give the game, the more it gives you back – it’s that kind of game.”

Fortier also made it clear again during the interview that there are many decisions to be made in Guardians of the Galaxy that have more or less direct effects on the further course of the story and thus the game. We will know how well this actually works by October 26, 2021 at the latest, when the superhero game will be released for PC and consoles.

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