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GTA Online brings major update soon and starts special events

GTA Online will get a new update in the next few weeks. The developers are also announcing events that will bring you a variety of items. So there’s a lot going on at GTA Online in the fall. We’ll show you what’s known.

What kind of events are these? Next up in the GTA universe is the release of “The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition”. This includes revised versions of GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA III. In keeping with the 20th birthday of GTA III and this release, we’re celebrating with you in GTA Online.

The developers have already announced events that will soon start in Los Santos. There will also be an update later this year. We’ll show you everything we know about the fall events and the new update in GTA Online.

GTA Online: New Update 2021 – Contents + Release

What kind of update is that? In the blog post, the GTA Online team announced a “new, exciting adventure” that you can play soon.

What’s in there? The team has not yet spoken about the exact content, but did give a small prospect. It is said that “some good friends and familiar faces need your help in growing their honest business’ through legal work. ” There are also supposed to be other surprises that have not yet been revealed.

When should the update come? There is not yet a specific release date for the next update in GTA Online. The team says it will be released “later this year”.

That is speculated

Release in December? On Instagram, travel blogger gwil34 met rapper and music producer Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre that there will be new music by the rapper in GTA Online in December. Rockstar Games insider Tez2 drew attention to this on Twitter. What could the topic be? With the new information from Dr. Dre, some players in the community feel vindicated that the next update for GTA Online is related to music and the nightclubs.

The nightclubs fit well with Rockstar Games‘ formulation that you will see “familiar faces” again and help them with the “honest business”.

But more should happen in GTA Online in the next few weeks:

Several fall events in GTA Online – all info

What does Rockstar say about the events? The developers write that on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of GTA III there will be a “variety of items” that you can get in special events in GTA Online in the fall.

What kind of objects are there? Paintwork and clothing to match GTA III’s birthday are the examples that the Rockstar Games team named.

When does it start? There is no exact start date for this yet. The developers say that there will be this type of event “in the next few weeks”. If you choose the birthday of GTA 3 for this, then it would be October 22nd. Because on October 22, 2001 the adventure of GTA 3 started in Liberty City for the first time.

How do you best prepare for the events? If the events and the update run in rock star fashion, then you should set aside a lot of in-game money.

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