GTA 6 future release assumptions

GTA 6 future release assumptions


GTA 6 now is in development progress, according to a resume of an artist who worked at Rockstar India.

Bibin Michael, an artist related to GTA 5, and Red Dead Redemption 2 development has decided to work on GTA 6 too. GTA 6 hasn’t been announced yet, so this might be just the rumors, at least it’s not fully official.

But it can be seen in Michael’s Art Station resume that there’s GTA 6 amongst his other works. Winter and spring 2018 season artist spent on creating cars for GTA 5 DLC, and GTA 6 at Rockstar’s India office.

Obviously moving non-online franchise to online enviroment like Elder Scrolls Online did some time ago, can be challenging.

Separate from both last parts of GTA and Red Dead Redemption 2’s main credits, the resume mentions the names of people who participated in development, but have no relations to the main team.

Although, Michael is placed on Rockstar India LinkedIn profile, it doesn’t say in which games development he has took his part.

All that was noticed by a GTA forums dweller, but GTA fans can’t say for sure, that the new part is going to appear. Anyway, Rockstar is known for its slow process.

It still can be suggested that ssome of the Red Dead Redemption 2 team has already started working on a new GTA,even may be before Red Dead Redemption 2 shipped, as the dates on Michael’s resume would say.

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