Obsidian Entertainment informs that Updates for Grounded will be released less frequently

The developers announced that the pace of releasing updates for the survival simulator Grounded last year will be slowed down. Grounded was released on July 28 last year for PC and consoles. It is still in early access in Steam.

A letter from the developers has appeared on the official website of the project. The team at Obsidian Entertainment announced that their plans for the game to add new features and content will take them much longer to develop.

Due to this, updates for Grounded will be released less frequently. At the moment they are “working hard on the next update 0.10.0”, which is described by the authors as “one of the largest.” It should be released at the end of June this year.

Players will be able to flip some building elements, and new ones will also be added. “Giant Food” Objects will be reworked. The update will also receive a photo mode. For example, it will be possible to change the time of day.

Grounded is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S consoles, and PC. The game is included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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