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Grinding Gear Games will disable the migration in Path of Exile.

More recently, the Grinding Gear Games team came out and provided a fairly lengthy explanation of what went wrong, including an admission that allowing streamers to bypass the queue was a mistake.Last week, the launch of the Ultimatum in  Path of Exile was affected by a whole series of technical problems. As Grinding Gear Games notes, they noted that they saw the queue running very slowly when it started. As they explained you can buy poe orbs, this was because the server moved previously untransmitted ritual symbols to Standard Mode whenever players logged in. It took a ton of time to do this on demand.

The company concluded that they could disable the migration, which would cause the queue to empty. However, players would miss some standard progress. While this solved the problem with speed and performance, the realm “went berserk” and threw out the players. This got even worse because GGG allowed streamers to bypass this queue, which naturally didn’t sit well with the community. The team cited influence marketing as an incentive for this priority for streamers, in which they agreed to pay for two hours of streaming. So basically, like most things in this industry, it was done to generate revenue.

However, the company notes that most of the streamers did not ask for this bypass and therefore should not be charged.The company also allowed other streamers outside of this influence campaign to bypass the queue. Then the company expanded:

“The decision to allow any streamers to bypass the queue was clearly a mistake. Instead of offering the audience something to watch while they waited, it offended all of our players who were eager to get in and couldn’t do it, while instead they had to watch others enjoy that freedom. Understandably, many players were unhappy about this. We tell people that the start of the Path of Exile league is a fair playing field for everyone, and we need to really make sure that this is a reality.”

They also note that they will not allow streamers to bypass the queue, moving forward. instead, they will focus on making the queue move faster.

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