Griftlands - card "roguelike" from the creators of Don't Starve

Griftlands released – a card “roguelike” about conversations and battles from the creators of Don’t Starve

Studio Klei has a new project from Early Access – the card “roguelike” Griftlands. He finally got all the missing pieces of the main campaign and is ready to welcome you with all the abundance of his content.

Griftlands offers complex negotiation mechanics: you not only choose commonplace lines, but also use a deck of pre-prepared verbal techniques. Every decision comes back – what task you took, what friends you found, what cards you collected, and so on.
There are also more traditional battles – they are also based on cards. Death comes quickly, but the game offers three campaigns for different characters with unique story content, as well as a lot of cards and other combinatorics typical for “roguelikes” – there is enough room for replayability.

The release of Griftlands comes with extremely positive feedback from users – 96%. The game has been compared a lot to Slay the Spire – they say they are very similar, but Klei’s roguelike stands out for its good storytelling and the studio’s signature graphic style.

Until June 8, Griftlands are giving away with a 20% discount. The game can be purchased on Steam and Epic Games Store. The PlayStation, Xbox and Switch versions will arrive on June 4th.

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