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Gordon Walton addressed fans in the founder’s latest update.

So, in an update on the Crowfall website, ArtCraft co-founder Gordon Walton addressed fans in the founder’s latest update. This update itself is dedicated to the recently released PvP mode with 3 “Shadow” factions, as well as disputes that arose after the completion of the last “Scum”campaign.In the update itself, Walton briefly talks about the recently released Shadow Faction War mode, as well as performance improvements in both shadow campaigns and scum.

If we talk about the garbage, the first campaigns closed last week, but they were not without controversy. In particular, the disagreements are related to how the campaigns were evaluated, and the reaction of ArtCraft to the concerns of players. Walton addresses this in a statement, saying that the problem identified by the players caused the company to postpone the provision of rewards for conquest until the initial review.

“The Crowfall service has faced some challenges since our first drop campaigns came to an end last week. Players identified a problem in the Conquest scoring system at the end of the campaign, and as a result, we decided to postpone the delivery of awards in the Conquest segment to give our team time to review the data. After an initial review, we announced a change to the scoring system to reduce further abuse as the campaign ends. After further analysis of the data and related player feedback, we decided to move forward and provide all the Conquest rewards, as originally proposed in the campaign, to all the leaders of the winning guilds – to ensure that no player guilds were denied the rewards they earned during the campaign. The awards will be distributed this week. As a rule, we prefer not to interrupt the current campaigns and allow the campaign to develop, and then focus on making changes to the rules or rewards after the campaign. However, if we feel that something significantly negatively affects our players or threatens the security of the game or the game economy, our team will intervene. This was one of those cases. We apologize to the guilds and the players involved for the delay in receiving your rewards, and we appreciate your support for giving us time to review and analyze.”

And thus, Walton states that in order to receive a reward for conquest, new minimum requirements are required, at least 100 conquest points. They can be earned by holding fortresses in Crowfall.

“In the future, we have adopted a new minimum requirement of 100 conquest points to qualify for Conquest rewards (these points are gained for holding Fortresses, including outposts, forts, fortresses and castles in the game). The reward criteria will be updated in the “Garbage” campaign, now they correspond to the correct levels. The current reward for winning the game is a place holder waiting for this update. We will also reduce our Shadow Campaign rewards to about half of the current level during today’s launch of Shadow 3-Faction campaigns. This will happen by the end of this week. “

Crowfall also runs a “Recruit a Friend” campaign called “Raven Recruits”. This will allow players to hire a friend to play Crowfall for 10 days, and those who decide to buy will receive a 25% discount in the Crowfall store. This may be a reaction to reports of a low population that our reviewer experienced during the Crowfall passage. The codes will last until September 12.

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