Google has prepared a doodle game for The Olympic Games in Tokyo

Google has prepared a doodle game for The Olympic Games in Tokyo

On July 23, the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo took place. In honor of this event, Google has released a special doodle that hides a 16-bit sports RPG. You can run it from the main page of the search engine on both PC and mobile devices.

The ninja cat Lucky arrives on the island to take part in the Games of Champions. As in the Olympic Games, you will have to compete in several disciplines:

  • archery,
  • synchronized swimming (rather, a dance battle like Dance Dance Revolution),
  • rock climbing,
  • table tennis,
  • rugby,
  • marathon,
  • skateboarding (the discipline will debut at the Tokyo Games this year).

Before starting the competition, Lucky must choose one of four teams. A scroll is awarded for victory in each discipline. This is not the end of the game – there are many characters on the island to chat with. Some heroes will have assignments, such side tasks. For example, in one of them, the trainer will ask Lucky to find and push his lazy ward who is sitting in a noodle shop.

Doodle was created in collaboration with the Japanese animation studio STUDIO 4 ° C. Since the game takes place in a world inspired by Japanese culture, Google turned directly to its native speakers. Initially, the main character was supposed to be a fox, but in Japan these animals are considered pranksters, so Lucky became a cat. Also, the game is accompanied by animation inserts. According to Google representatives, this doodle is the most ambitious they have ever done.
The Olympic Games in Tokyo will be held from July 23 to August 8.

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