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Going Medieval: a big update “Shelves and Racks” has been released

The first major content update for the build-up survival mix Going Medieval is now available for download. The patch called “Shelves & Racks” introduces numerous improvements and new objects. These include stands for clothes, chests and similar items. Further details can be found in the message.

The build-up survival mix Going Medieval has only been in the early access phase for a little over a month. But this doesn’t stop the Foxy Voxel development team from releasing the first major content update now. The extensive patch called “Shelves & Racks” (v0.5.31.8) is now available for download and brings some new features with it.

As the name “Shelves & Racks” already suggests, the focus is primarily on a few new in-game objects for storage and safekeeping that many fans have wanted for some time. These include stands for hanging items of clothing, chests, shelves and much more. In addition, larger map sizes are now available, which give you more space to build and explore. This way you have enough space for particularly large projects. Furthermore, the developers have worked a little on the game’s performance. In the recent past, many fans had complained about drops in the frame rate – especially in the late game. Thanks to appropriate optimizations, the process should now run at least a little more smoothly.

In addition, there are some “Quality of Life” improvements that are supposed to bring a little more comfort into the game and that we present to you here in an overview. You can find the full patch notes on the Steam Community page.

  • Jump to the layer button. We’ve added a button to the selection panel that takes you to the layer that this object is on.
  • Layer changing edits – layers now have a flash effect on the numbers when changed. We have added a small tip when holding down CTRL showing to the layer what can be done with layer control.
  • Next settler button. We have added the next settler button (TAB) to quickly select the next settler. It’s located in the header of the selection panel header.
  • Piles are now hidden when looking at the layer underneath them.
  • Almanac additions – all resources now have “Produced in:” links that take you to production structures that make that resource.
  • Photo Mode Camera update – Photomode has a separate camera now that can be moved around more freely. For the modders amongst you, this can be further modified.

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