Go and fight a unicorn and help Final Fantasy XIV to test the World Visit system!

Final Fantasy XIV

Once all of the data center expansions have occurred today, players finally can return in to Final Fantasy XIV, but it will be with the new World Visit system placed as well. Now you can leap from Mateus to Goblin to Coeurl over a single night, while your home server isn’t the one of the above. That service should be tested before the release of the game’s next update, and to do this Square-Enix wants people to find and fight a unicorn in particular windows of time.

The real part of testing in this case, the load players will make, when they all rush into specific place, but it doesn’t say, which location they should be gathered at, so they will hang around the whole game reality. Taking their part in the function testing will reward players with some rewards, which they probably wouldn’t get most of the time and Ixion spawns. So go ahead, fin the unicorn and defeat it! You’ve got you time before June 28, the early access date.

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