Ghost of Tsushima: New details and trailer for the island of Iki

Ghost of Tsushima: New details and trailer of the Iki island

The celebrated samurai adventure Ghost of Tsushima is getting an improved version with new features and an additional island named Iki under the title Director’s Cut. There Geist Jin ends up in the expansion because a new danger awaits him. Developer studio Sucker Punch now shared new details.

Almost three weeks ago, Sucker Punch, the development studio behind Ghost of Tsushima, announced a director’s cut of the PlayStation-exclusive samurai adventure. Patrick Downs, Senior Write at Sucker Punch, has now revealed more details about the new version on the PlayStation Blog. The island of Iki, the main location for the new content, has even received a new trailer and, like the main game, impresses with its bright colors and beautiful nature shots.

Exciting adventures and a new adversary on the island of Iki

In the blog post, Patrick Downs mainly focuses on the adventure that Samurai Jin will experience on the island of Iki. There is a new, threatening adversary floating around there. Ankhsar Khatun, who is only called “Eagle” by her followers, is a conqueror and a shaman in equal parts. To stop them, Jin has to travel to the island of Iki and face old fears, forgotten traumas and the dark past of the Sakai clan. He will not be able to cope with all of this on his own. So Jin has to jump over his shadow and work with the “unsavory circle of characters” on Iki to put a stop to the new adversary. Once Iki is in her power, all of Japan is in danger.

Patrick Downs describes the expansion as follows: “The stories on Tsushima are full of action and adventure. The same goes for the island of Iki. In the fight to save the island of Iki, Jin encounters pirates and smugglers, mad monks and cursed caves. It will hear new legends and learn new techniques. Jin will have to use all his skills to beat this new opponent. ”

“We will continue to tell emotional, personal and intimate stories. Stories about real people who find it difficult to let go of old hatred and survive in times of war. Stories about what it feels like to keep cherished ideals and defend your homeland . What it means to be Lord Sakai … and what it means to be a ghost,” Downs continued. More sci-fi themes can be found in Destiny 2 and similar games.

What else the Director’s Cut offers and what you have to consider when buying

The Director’s Cut will be released on August 20th for PS4 and PS5 and should bring a few other features apart from the brand new island of Iki with its quests, enemies, stories and adventures. Players of the PlayStation 5 version can look forward to lip-syncing for the Japanese voice output as well as 60 FPS and 4K during Director’s Cut.

The DualSense controller should also be used and the adaptive triggers as well as the haptic feedback should be used. In addition, both PS4 and PS5 versions get new functions in photo mode, additional options in terms of accessibility and the ability to target opponents at the push of a button.

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