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Genshin Impact: The new event shows what a real endgame could look like

With the “Labyrinth Warriors” event, Genshin Impact has received new content. Now there are voices saying: This event would be a great endgame for Genshin Impact. Because endgame content is still missing from the co-op role-playing game.

So far there is hardly any real content in Genshin Impact that really challenges players or can keep them going in the long term.

Although there is a winding abyss, for players who have been around for a long time, this is no longer a real challenge and is quickly played through.

This is currently going on in the game: Now the event “Labyrinth Warriors” has started in Genshin Impact and the event gives you a 4-star character. You can now play the new event and there is a lot of praise for the exams. Now there is a growing desire in the community to want this game mode to be a long-term co-op RPG.

Community demands: Integrate “Labyrinth Warriors” as a fixed game mode

These are the ideas: In the Genshin subreddit, people are busy discussing the event and the game mode. One thread now has (as of October 23, 2021) more than 7.4 thousand upvotes and over 600 comments. Many users are of the opinion that this mode is needed in the endgame. Some even have other ideas on how to refine the mode.

  • An infinite, randomly generated dungeon with increasing difficulty.
  • As rewards such as mora or weapons material and other bonuses.
  • If you lose, you can start the mode over and refine and improve your strategies.

Above all, gamers would like the mode to be equally suitable for casual gamers as well as hardware gamers, so that all users are challenged. Because the current content is overall not very demanding.

Many are also annoyed that the developers regularly deliver cool content such as new mini-games, but remove them after the event. You can’t arouse long-term motivation with it.

Genshin still doesn’t have a real endgame with Update 2.3

What is the current content? Anyone who has been gambling since the release of Genshin Impact will have noticed that the game offers a lot of exciting content, especially at the beginning:

  • You can currently explore the three large areas of Moon City, Liyue and Inazuma, and you can also enter the smaller area of ​​Dragon Ridge.
  • You can unlock characters and bring them to level 90 and collect the right artifacts.
  • Alternatively, you can increase your account level (adventure rank) to a certain level, making the opponents heavier and the rewards better.
  • In the housing system you can decorate and furnish an island as you like and talk to characters.
  • At the end you can plunge into the “winding abyss” and fight your way solo through several levels and unlock a few rewards.

That is the problem: But all of the above-mentioned content will be played through at some point. The areas have been explored at some point, all characters have been brought to their current maximum at some point and the adventure rank is at the highest level. Anyone who has played through the main story has to wait for the next update.

The “winding abyss” is also played through at some point, because the rewards are only reset every 2 weeks. The housing system is a nice change, but it is not convincing in the long term, as there are no rewards to motivate the players. The new angel feature from Genshin Impact had also disappointed and does not offer long-term employment either.

Many players therefore often only log in once a day to pick up their moon blessing or quickly do the dailies. Because the daily tasks are the best way to collect the special currency, veteran, away from events. Because you need veterans for the Genshin Impact gacha system.

Many users have therefore been asking for a long time that the developers of Genshin Impact should deliver the correct endgame. Some refer to the developer’s other game, Honkai Impact 3rd, here.

Another game from the developers shows what the endgame could look like

What kind of game is this? Honkai Impact 3rd is also a game where you unlock and level up characters and, like Genshin Impact, the game relies on gacha mechanics. In addition to a story and regular events, the game also offers endgame content.

With the penultimate update, the game had received the game mode “Elysian Empire”. Here you regularly fight your way through several levels and defeat opponents and unlock new rewards. The mode is pretty grind-heavy, because you have to do the mode over and over again if you want to unlock better skills.

Still, the empire motivates with good rewards. With the last update, the “Elysian Empire” was once again expanded with new content and rewards.

What’s next for Genshin Impact? Update 2.3 should come in Genshin Impact in a few weeks. So far there is hardly any official information.

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