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Genshin Impact shows 2 new characters – Yun Jin and Shenhe

Genshin Impact released the appearance of two new female characters: Yun Jin and Shenhe. The two collect a lot of praise and enthusiasm from the fans.

Before a new patch, Genshin Impact publishes the appearance of upcoming, new characters every time – this time too. Yun Jin and Shenhe are said to be the two fresh heroines in the game.

Who is Yun Jin? Her leaks have been circulating on the net for almost a year now (via Twitter). Yun Jin is said to be a dancer, singer and brewer who works at the Heyu tea house in Liyue.

While she was suspected to be an anemo character in the meantime, she has now become a geo character. The assumptions arose because Yun Jin wore a greenish divine eye as an accessory in an in-game cutscene. However, the leak from the previous year was confirmed and it became a geo-element.

Yun Jin also carries a spear as a weapon. With it, the other geo characters receive further support. Previously, Itto and Gorou were announced as geo-heroes and will be available in patch 2.3.

According to other characters in the game, she should have new ideas for opera pieces when she has a drink that she likes. In addition, according to Hu Tao, Yun Jin should be extremely friendly and open to jokes.

Who is Shenhe? Shenhe appears to be a loner who comes from a clan of exorcists. Shenhe is known as the “ethereal soul in the midst of the mortal realm”. She also carries a spear as a weapon and is of the element cryo.

Shenhe was also mentioned as “Shenli” in the leak from a year ago. At that time she was considered a two-handed cryogenic user.

She looks grumpy and serious to Ganyu and Xingqiu. They cannot judge her correctly and are afraid of doing something wrong if they are around, because Shenhe is said to have a turbulent temper.

Community is excited about Yun Jin and Shenhe

Yunjin collected almost 30,000 retweets and 71,000 likes after one hour. Shenhe got even more approval with 42,000 retweets and 90,000 likes in the same time. This is what fans say about Yun Jin on the official Twitter post from Genshin Impact:

dailyyunjin is happy: “Yun Jin-Nation it’s finally happening!”

HaNiQ_7 whines to himself because he doesn’t have enough money for the great character: “I’m poor, please stop.”

zetsuyakun55 is ready: “I’m not a fan of Geo users, but” Let’s Go! “.

However, some players note that she was previously leaked as an Anemo user and are a little disappointed that Yun Jin is now a geo-character after all.

This is what fans say about Shenhe on the official Twitter post from Genshin Impact: kai_luvscats seems to be a fan of Speer users: “I can’t spend that much money, but I want to complete my Speer family!”

Other players are disappointed that she also carries a spear – like the already available 4-star character Rosaria. With many spear users following one another, a few fans are annoyed that Yun Jin and Shenhe both carry a spear as a weapon. They wanted other weapons. Genshin Impact tweeted “Speer Impact” under their announcements of the two new heroines and took it on.

However, the Speer users are so far in the minority. There are a total of 7 characters who use this weapon, while the other weapons are represented by 8 or more figures.

What do you think of the two new characters? Are you looking forward to Yun Jin and Shenhe or are you more interested in other games like Black Desert or ESO?

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