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Genshin Impact: New trailer introduces the capabilities of Aloy

If you just can’t get enough of the fearless adventurer Aloy, but already know Horizon Zero Dawn inside and out and are now desperately waiting for Forbidden West, you should perhaps stop by Genshin Impact. The accurate archer is now available there as a 5-star character. A new trailer shows their skills once again.

That Aloy, the brave warrior from Horizon Zero Dawn, would appear in the successful free-to-play title Genshin Impact, should have surprised many. The 2.1 update is now out and the new free 5-star heroine cavort in the breathtaking world of Teyvat.

PlayStation has also released a new trailer for Aloy’s debut in Genshin Impact in celebration of the crossover. This not only shows how well the adapted variant of the hunter according to Teyvat fits, but also presents her skills again in detail.

As a hunter, Aloy is of course one with nature and also with fox and rabbit per you. If she is part of your party, her exploration talent “Easy Does It” takes effect, which is why wild animals that produce ingredients or resources no longer flee from you. Very practical if you have to pull emergency provisions out of your hat again.

With her normal attacks, the archer deals physical damage and can fire up to four arrows in quick succession. If you hold down the corresponding button instead, Aloy takes more time to aim, which makes the shot more precise and powerful and generates frost at the arrowhead.

An ice cold huntress

Because, and you should have guessed that by now, Aloy uses the element cryo, i.e. ice. With her elementary skill “Frozen Wilds”, the red-haired warrior throws an ice bomb, which explodes on contact and also splits into smaller, explosive bombs. Attack damage is also reduced when enemies are hit.

In her elemental burst “Prophecies of Dawn”, Aloy also throws an ice grenade, which detonates with a precise shot, causing cryodamage over a large area and freezing enemies. Her passive talent “Strong Strike” also increases her cryo-damage when she is in a state caused by her elemental skill.

Aloy has been available in Genshin Impact since September 1st with the 2.1 update. Those who have reached adventure rank 20 get the fearless huntress from Horizon completely free of charge. If you are still looking for a ranged fighter with cryo skills or if you have problems hunting wild animals, you should not miss Aloy.

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