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Genshin Impact: Leak could bring in one of the best 4-star supporters

A leak has now shown the Kokomi banner from Genshin Impact. In addition to the powerful healer, there is another character that could be really worthwhile.

According to a recent leak, we now know which characters will come with the next event banner. The 5-star character Kokomi was already known, but there was no information about the other 4-star characters.

Now there is information about the Kokomi banner and that should especially please users who will not only pull the banner because of Kokomi.

What’s in the Kokomi banner? According to Leak, the following figures should be included in the Kokomi banner:

  • Kokomi, a 5-star character with water
  • Beidou, a 4-star character with electro
  • Rosaria, a 4-star character with Frost (Cryo)
  • Xingqiu, a 4-star character with water.

Xingqiu in particular could be worthwhile for users who, in addition to Bennet or Barbara, are looking for a strong supporter who does more damage reduction.

The Kokomi banner is already being discussed on reddit and many users are positively surprised, especially by the 4-star characters. Above all, users who already want to pull Kokomi will now get at least one strong alternative apart from the 5-star character.

Xingqiu is one of the best supporters

Who is Xingqiu? Xingqiu is a 4-star character who relies on the element of water. You can also get the character from the normal standard banner and do not need the event banner.

Why is Xingqiu so good? Xingqiu’s Elemental Ability and Ultimate Ability provide powerful defensive and offensive support.

His Guhua Sword Cloudburst ability creates small swords that circle the character. If damaged, they are destroyed and reduce the incoming damage. In addition, the interruption resistance of the characters is increased.

Xingqius “Guhuas sword rain and bow” triggers sword attacks with every attack that cause water damage. At the same time, small swords are kept around the character that reduce damage.

Especially in combination with clover or other fire characters, you can use Xingqius’ elemental ability to quickly trigger the evaporation reaction and thus do a lot of extra damage. You can also freeze enemies quickly with Kryro characters. The combination of him and his skills make Xingqiu a strong support character who doesn’t even have to be on the field for support.

That is why the banner is worthwhile: Xingqiu shows its strengths especially when you bring its constellation to the maximum. Because at the highest level you generate additional points of elemental energy.

But already with the 2nd level of the constellation “Clear Sky” you not only extend the duration of “Guhua Sword Rain and Bow”, but also reduce the water resistance of your opponents by 15% for 4 seconds.

What do you think? Have you already gambled with Xingqiu or do you have other characters that you use to support?

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