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Genshin Impact introduces new character Kujou Sara

In a new video, the 4-star character Kujou Sara was introduced. She will come to Genshin Impact with patch 2.1 in the new banner.

This is Kujou Sara: the faithful servant of the Raiden Shogun is feared by her opponents for her ruthlessness and efficiency. Although she was only adopted by the Kujou clan, she is fully committed to the service of her mistress and works tirelessly to realize her vision of a world without death.

That’s why she fully supports the decree of the Raiden Shogun that all residents of Inazuma must submit their visions. The resisters are ruthlessly hunted down by her. But as a samurai, Sara attaches great importance to her honor. She fights fairly and despises dishonorable acts such as torture.

Sara will be available from September 1st with the new update 2.1 banner.

Second electro-archer from Genshin Impact. What Kujou Sara can do:

  • Rarity: 4 stars
  • Element: Electro
  • Weapon: bow
  • Constellation: Flabellum

With her normal attack, Sara can fire up to 5 arrows. The heavy attack does more damage and is more accurate, and when fully charged it is also converted into electro damage. The heavy attack is also important to Sara’s elemental ability.

Their e-skill is called Tengu Storm Summoning and puts them in the special state. ”Crow’s Feather Hood”. Now, when Sara makes a fully charged attack while in the state, he consumes the feather bonnet and leaves a crow’s feather in the field instead.

These feathers explode after a while, inflicting electro-damage on nearby enemies and also increasing the attack of characters within the area of ​​effect with the “Tengu Juurai: Ambush” buff.

Sara’s ultimate ability summons a Tengu Juurai – Titan Crusher, next to the target of the attack, which deals electrical area damage. It then splits into 4 consecutive Tengu Juurai – lightning bundles, all of which also cause electrical area damage.

Similar to Sara’s e-ability, the lightning bundles also give the characters an attack bonus in their area of ​​effect. However, the two effects do not add up. Only the one who was used last is valid.

These are the passive talents:

  • Land Survey: Reduces the time of explorations made within the Inazuma area of ​​influence by 25%
  • Prudence: Reduces the recharge time of Aimed Shots by 60% when Sara is in the “Crow Feather Hood” state
  • Decency: When meeting opponents with Tengu Juurai – Ambush, the elemental energy of all group members is restored by 1.2 points for each 100% of Sara’s recharge rate.

That will come in Update 2.1

The new update also brings a whole range of other content. In addition to the character banner with Raiden Shogun and Kujou Sara in the electro duo, there will be two more characters and a new weapon banner.

You can also look forward to the following content:

  • The story quests of Chapter 2: Act 3.
  • 2 new islands from Inazuma – “Watatsumi” and “Seirai”.
  • New bosses.
  • The new mechanics: fishing.
  • The burden of the jug of impermanence is increased. This means that you can build more items in housing.
  • All reload bonuses in the “Reload Crystals” window are reset once.

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