Genshin Impact gives you character Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn

Genshin Impact gives you character Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn

Genshin Impact players can look forward to new characters soon. At the end of the year, Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn will find its way into the game.

Genshin Impact announced their first ever collaboration on Twitter, with none other than Sony. You can get the new cryo archer Aloy through an event at the end of the year. She is a 5-star character and also the main character of the single-player hits Horizon: Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West.

Since this is a cooperation with PlayStation manufacturer Sony, it is not surprising that PlayStation players are allowed to play with Aloy first. PC and mobile players have to wait a little longer, but you will also get the archer.

What can Aloy do? Nothing is known about Aloy’s abilities yet. But it is confirmed that it will be a five-star character. She has the element cryo and is called “The Savior from Another World”. As a weapon, as already known from Horizon, she will use her bow.

She also shares her background story in both games. She was once an outcast who had to fight her way through a dangerous world. She is always anxious to save lives and stand up for the weak and other outcasts.

In search of new adventures, she travels to the world of Teyvat and is looking forward to the new challenges. She is ready to hunt and protect the defenseless.

How and when do you get Aloy? The Nora archer Aloy will find her way into the game with update 2.2. On October 13th, the event starts in their favor. If you then log into the game, you will receive the character as a gift via the in-game post. But be careful: This only applies to PS4 and PS5 players for the time being.

PC and mobile players will have to wait until Update 2.3 starts on November 24th, but then you will also receive Aloy for free via the in-game post when you log in.

The community reacts in two ways. What do the players say about it? After the announcement by Twitter, some of the players are very negative about the update. Many users seem disturbed in their immersion by the cross-over of both games. Still others are bothered by the renewed exclusivity for the Sony console.

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