Gamigo prepared a variety of Easter activities for each its game

Gamigo egg hunt

Gamigo has announced that the Easter sneaked into all of its games. Players will see new activities in ArcheAge, Fiesta Online, Echo of Soul, Trove, Last Chaos, Aura Kingdom and Desert Operations.

In Echo of Soul – Kingdom, players will collect painted eggs and get some ipressive gifts in return. Seems like a nice holiday for heroes.

In Trove you will be able to attend colorful Mount Parades and collect bonus Mount Talismans, until April 23.

In ArcheAge has a classic egg hunt for players during the Easter Parade. They can find eggs blessed by a priest who can only be reached if you participated in a daring race. A reward will be Easter Tokens which can be exchanged for exclusive items.

Fiesta Online will hold a special Kingdom-Quest, in which you must protect precious golden eggs from savage monsters, and gather Easter eggs, which can be exchanged for exclusive gifts.

Last Chaos offers engaging events in which players can go on an egg hunt throughout the lands of Iris and Ascadia. The different eggs offer valuable rewards or can be used to fulfill the Easter quest series.

In Aura Kingdom, you will have the chance to win an Eidolon. Using special Easter coins, they can purchase Eidolon eggs from which endearing Eidolons can hatch. On top of that, Community Managers are preparing some events where you need to find bunnies and eggs across the Azuria.

Desert Operations celebrates Easter on Facebook and In-game. It also offers multiple FB-Minigames and to win exquisite diamonds. In a raging sandstorm, generals can participate in a challenging Easter Event.

Ans finally in Ironsight, players can hunt for eggs on Discord, Social Media and in the forums, and get amazing gifts and bonuses in return.

Have fun during this Easter season!

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