Frustrated Marvel’s Avengers players .

Many Marvel’s Avengers players were very upset that the Red Rooms clothing set was placed behind a paywall due to the Red Room takeover event. This event started very recently, before this started event called Rooskaya Protocols. In this event, players battled various Shintoid hordes. This allowed players to collect protocol chips. These chips will allow players to unlock certain animated signs with the names of various heroes.

In addition, this led to the appearance of a new set of costumes called “Set of clothes for the red room”. However, this new set was placed on the market, and thus behind a paywall. This means that it wasn’t a reward for the event, but had to be purchased with real money. Naturally, many players have spoken out about this on Reddit. One such topic is aptly titled:

“These skins for specific market events should instead be a reward for completing them. Or at least a few Credits…”

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