Frostpunk will be adjusted for consols PS4 and Xbox One this summer


The survival game Frostpunk is having a PS4 and Xbox One launch this summer season.

11 Bit Studios’ city-building somber strategy simulator will be adjusted for consoles, including new radial menus and a remade interface, and feature all the content and custom scenarios of the highly-rated PC update.

Whilst it’s created with controllers in mind and adjusted for consoles, 11 Bit Studios says it hasn’t been dumbed down for a more usual experience.

“If you compare apples to apples is might be easier, but it’s not like it’s casual. The game pauses automatically on certain screens so you don’t have to worry about time passing by. It’s not like we’ve cut health or we changed it that much, it more general balancing and adjustments,” 11 Bit Studios Karol Zajączkowski explained at Reboot Develop several days ago.

“We’re delivering this game for people who haven’t played strategy games on consoles. We don’t want them to be frustrated with this game. If you’re looking for a greater challenge you can always run custom scenarios to make it harder.”

11 Bit Studios is a noted strategy developer of not only Frostpunk, but also of This War of Mine.

As Zajączkowski also mentioned, that despite This War of Mine has been launched on Nintendo’s Switch, the studio doesn’t have intentions to release a Switch version of Frostpunk.


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