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Frontier is working to ensure that the expected expansion is as stable and efficient as possible after launch.

As it became known, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey started really hard, and the Frontier team is working to ensure that the expected expansion is as stable and effective as possible after launch. Today, the team shared part of their roadmap for the next few fixes, as well as what they’re doing to fix the issues, as well as improve communication with the player base. If you’ve been following Elite Dangerous: Odyssey since its launch on May 19, you’ll know that it hasn’t had the most consistent debuts. From the terrible Orange Sidewinder bug to the geometry completely missing from the planets, Odyssey has had a really tough time. During the launch, CEO David Braben apologized to fans on the forums, promising that the team was making these issues their priority to fix. Today, the Elite Dangerous team took to their forums to briefly talk about the next few patches coming out for commanders, as well as the dates when these patches are expected.

“We would like to take a moment to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we review your reports and feedback. We’ve been working hard to resolve critical issues – Update 2 went live yesterday, which followed Update 1, the previous 2 patch updates, and the server and stability fixes rolled out in May. We’ve seen some amazing content trickle out of Odyssey, but we know there’s still work to be done to make this experience as good as possible, and to further consider feedback.”

And starting on June 10, players will see an update that addresses the loading UI, adds ARX for walking gameplay, and various improvements and fixes to the game. The next update will be released on June 17, with even more improvements, including Codex commander stats and changes to the suit’s livery UI. Finally, on June 24, there will be shared missions, Galaxy UI and system map updates, and UI updates requested by the community. However, community manager Arthur Tolmey states that while they will be working on performance improvements even after June, he states that the team will move on to console development as the improvements and optimizations made there will also benefit the PC community.

“While we expect to see specific and targeted performance improvements in the upcoming June updates, we are also aware that the console development work will further optimize performance and improve the PC experience. Therefore, we believe that the best approach for all of our Commanders is to focus our post-Update 5 development efforts on performance and console release, and to once again bring our multi-platform community together, which will also allow us to make even more global changes to optimizations and updates for all Elite Dangerous Commanders.”

Finally, Tolmi touched on the communication with the studio, the team admits that their current communication clip “missed the mark”. To this end, the team commits to more frequent updates, such as a monthly community update that will share development progress and how the team accepts community feedback.

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