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Frontier has postponed the upcoming release of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey on the console.

A little sad, but Frontier postponed the upcoming release of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey on the console so that the team squatted down and brought the PC version to a state acceptable to its team and players. Thus, no new console release date or schedule was announced, and CEO David Braben simply stated that only when the PC experience becomes “reliable” will the console’s roadmap be clearer going forward.

In a post on the Frontier forums, Braben explained the reasons for this step, referring to the fact that the team is switching its attention to the PC version in order to direct the ship to platforms where Elite Dangerous: Odyssey has already been sent. This is done in order to provide a solid foundation before moving on to other platforms themselves.

Despite the fact that the team has sent a lot of fixes and updates since the Odyssey was sent at the end of May, the main extension still has a lot of problems that it faces, including performance problems that have persisted since the alpha version earlier this year. Working on PC issues has stalled progress on Odyssey’s console counterparts, although the team is committed to ensuring that the best possible version on PC is available to players.

Thus, Braben explains that while updates and work done on the PC will eventually benefit other versions of Odyssey, the console release schedule is shifting to ensure the reliability of the PC version  “before opening new ones.”

“With these things in mind, we spent a lot of time discussing and re-evaluating our previous plans, and we decided to prioritize working with the main PCs for Elite Dangerous. Ultimately, we think it’s right to focus our efforts on the core experience of Elite Dangerous Odyssey for the platforms that we have released before opening up for more. We know that the work we are doing to improve the experience of players in Elite Dangerous Odyssey on PC will benefit other platforms in the future, but the dates and details of the console platforms will change. We don’t want to rush to confirm any dates or changes that this will affect our console release, as we need to remain fully focused on the core Elite experience. Only when we feel that the foundation of the PC release is solid will we be able to re-lay our console roadmap from the top.”


Braben goes on to explain that the Frontier team will work hard to track issues, as well as implement fixes to fix bugs and level out performance. In addition, the team aims to provide players with frequent updates on where they are in the fixes, as well as what content they are creating to complement and supplement what is already available. Braben also acknowledges that the level of feedback from the team was below what was desired, and is committed to improving this moving forward, although he is quick to remind players that the feedback provided to the team is constructive, and does not offend people working hard to fix the ship.

“We know that the previous levels of detail of the roadmap and updates for developers did not meet expectations, but we are grateful to you for your patience while we change and adjust the plans in the face of such clear feedback.Please remember that our team here at Frontier is working hard to support the game and our community. Behind every bug fix, design decision and publication in the community is a person who cares very much about providing our players with the best possible experience. I would ask everyone to remain calm and respectful, sharing their thoughts and feedback.”

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