9 Steam games that are free right now !

As the Social distancing and staying home is a thing we need more and different games to play, and one of the ways to get them right now is from steam, platform offers 9 free games for us to grab right now.

Here are all 9 of them, check them out and download for your own pleasure:

  1. Goat of Duty – If you visit the game’s store page on Steam before 31 March 2020, you can claim it with 100% discounted price and free is a great price if you ask us. While the name implies similarities with Activision’s Call of Duty series, the game is more akin to the classic arena shooters but far from a copy of either Unreal Tournament or Quake
  2. For animal style game lovers out there we have 2 games for you  100% Orange Juice and
  3. 200% Mixed Juice and both are free till march 30. The first one is a digital board game while the second one falls into the RPG category
  4. Nephise Begins is a puzzle game with pretty graphics. It is the prequel to Nephise but can be enjoyed without having played the original first
  5. Simple Story – is a short interactive story, about Alex, an ordinary loser. He lives a dull life, full of alcohol and misery, but deep in his soul, he always wanted to be a hero. One day, then he leaves his house, Alex accidentally teleported in mystery temple where he tries to find exit out of.
  6. Between Two Castles is a digital board game about building castles in ant farm perspective. Kind of like XCOM: Enemy Unknown base building
  7. Project Mercury is bound to bring some nostalgic vibes as it inevitably reminds everyone of the classic Contra series
  8. Drawful 2 is a party game that feeds on the artistic failures of everyone involved and is the only entry we previously mentioned during a Steam freebie list
  9. Acceleration of Suguri 2 , is a lightning-paced duel-style shoot’em’up type of game, featuring all favorite characters from the SUGURI universe.
All of this 9 games are free to play right now, but will not last for much longer, so grab as much as you can and have fun !

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