Free game every week will be offered by Epic Games till the end of the year

epic games e3 2019

The Epic Games store will be offering players a new free game every week till the end of 2019, as Epic stated at E3 on Monday. “And remember, once you pick up a free game from the Epic Games store, it’s yours to keep,” the company said in its blog post.

The Terms

At the beginning, when Epic Games launched its online store, it said users would receive a free game every two weeks. However, last month, the developers announced a “free game every week” news for its month-long summer sale. Now, just days before this summer sale would have ended, Epic changed its mind to that it’ll be giving away a free PC game every week until the end of the year.

Kingdom New Lands is the current free game to get; starting June 13, it will be replaced by Enter the Gungeon, which will be available to take until June 20. So the good news is more free games, the bad news is that you have not so much time to grab them, as well as more chances to forget and miss out.

Epic has also been successful in gathering even more exclusives to its storefront this E3 season, with most of them being revealed during the PC Gaming Show. The upcoming Epic Games Store exclusives include Shenmue 3, Chivalry II, Zombie Army 4: Dead War, Untitled Goose Game, Twin Mirror, and Auto Chess.

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