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Foxhole on Steam gets a huge update and battles with up to 3000 players

With an update, the Steam MMO Foxhole is being expanded significantly. This includes a map expansion and much larger battles.

What is Foxhole? The war MMO puts you as a soldier in a fictional, persistent game world. A war is raging in this world, which is based on the Second World War. You decide which side you want to be on and take part in major battles. So you’re a soldier in a huge army.

The game is played from the ISO perspective. You control your hero diagonally from above. This gives you the overview you need to keep a close eye on your surroundings. As a soldier, you are relatively free in how you proceed in the game world.

In Foxhole you join one of two factions and fight against the other, warring army. It’s not just about blasting your way through, it’s also about tactics and resources. You can make bases, ammunition and important materials yourself. Players can treat their team members as paramedics or transport their troops across the map as drivers. The latest update brings with it some major changes that will turn the game upside down.

Persistent game world – now with up to 3000 players. What does that mean? In Foxhole you act as a soldier from an army in the persistent world, so you don’t control several units of soldiers or vehicles as in RTS games.

Persistent here means that the game world exists as long as the war lasts and changes over time. Your character remains in this world – even if you log out.

Already at the release in 2017 there was a large number of players and battles with up to 500 simultaneous players on a map. With the latest update, this number has now been increased sixfold and the map has been enlarged by 60%.

The game world now offers enough space for such a huge number of players. Foxhole is doing well on Steam. How is the war MMO rated? The ratings on Steam are quite good. Since the 2017 release, around 16,000 reviews have been received, 82% of which are positive. In the last 30 days there have been around 700 reviews and 87% of them are positive.

The dense atmosphere of the game is particularly praised. The importance of teamwork is also emphasized and the intensity of the mass battles is received positively by numerous players.

It is praised that you can not just shoot your way through every fight blindly, but have to use tactics and pay attention to resources.

Apparently Foxhole has a problem with the reporting function, as numerous players report that their account was blocked after clans reported them en masse. Apparently the function is abused to get rid of opposing players.

Some players also criticize that they had problems with cheaters. How big this problem really is, however, cannot really be drawn from the reviews.

What platforms can you buy Foxhole on? The game has only been released on PC for Steam so far. It is not known whether a release is planned for other consoles.

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