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Fortnite: The awesome Xp system from Chapter 2 should stay in Chapter 3 as well

In Fortnite, Chapter 2 will soon be replaced by a new chapter. Since Season 8 offered a great variety of variety, we will show you a certain feature that Epic should definitely take over in Chapter 3.

Which feature is it? It’s about the new XP system, which was established in Season 8. However, this system already existed in advance, at the beginning of Chapter 2, but in a modified form and only marginally.

It’s about the stamp cards: a business card that you can complete by completing missions. This system was introduced in Season 1. You could fill your daily stamp card with achievements like “submachine gun expert”. In return, there was a small XP boost, which you benefited from.

Now Epic turned the quest system completely upside down and gave every NPC on the map a stamp card. As a result, there are no longer any normal quests, but you have to go to the respective NPC and fulfill their five tasks. You can find out here why this system should remain and not be replaced or changed.

Incomplete Battle Passes are a thing of the past

If you are actively playing Fortnite, you will have noticed a change. Epic really responded to the screams of the community and delivered something that is really watchable.

Why should this feature remain? This system offers more advantages compared to the previous model of the quests:

  • You can mark the NPCs on the map thanks to the stamp card menu
  • Clear presentation of the quests
  • Constant XP and that in a large sum
  • Repeatable quests that also give you a little boost for XP
  • Daily and weekly stamp cards provide a massive XP boost

What’s different now? Epic promised more XP and less grind. However, that was not done at the beginning of Chapter 2. Many seasons followed in which it was difficult to get the Battle Pass to 100 at all. Unlocking the additional styles of the skins was like a nightmare.

With the new system, however, you are literally showered with level ascents. But to such an extent that it does not seem excessive. With the newly introduced feature, you no longer have to worry about not reaching a milestone.

Epic may have wanted to focus on relaxed gaming in the familiar mode. So you shouldn’t worry about how you can scrape out the last bit of XP to halfway complete your Battle Pass. That should just run on the side, while the fun is in the foreground.

Has the system been good since the beginning of Season 8? Season 8 didn’t get off to a good start at the beginning. The community expressed their displeasure with many things. One of them was the XP system. Many players disappeared into the depths of the Fortnite version of “Among Us”. In this mode, players could get a lot of XP without much effort. Epic Games noticed and decided to do something about it.

They suppressed this method by adding an “AFK detection system” which detects the AFK farming of XP. This cut the experience points and this method was no longer profitable. In return, however, they changed the stamp cards. These did not, as usual, give more experience per level, but the same amount for each level and that with a higher value.

The repeatable quests only gave gold before that. Now you get experience points by completing it. Thus, completing quests that have already been completed is even more worthwhile.

What do you think of the system? Was that a successful change for you, too, which is profitable or do you think the old system is better? If you don’t really like Fortnite, you can check out Outriders or Division 2.

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